• Acronym: GFDM
  • Short description: The Generalized Frequency Division
    Multiplexing (GFDM) framework is an open source flexible PHY implementation using NI’s SDRs platforms, allowing runtime waveform parametrization.
  • Conceptual figure:


  • Hardware platforms on which functionality is supported: USRP RIO
  • Testbeds where the functionality can be used: OWL (Online Wireless Lab) (TU Dresden)
  • Supporting partner: TUD ([email protected])
  • Usage policies for accessing software & licensing terms
    • Licensing terms: GPL
    • Free access for non-commercial academic use, for other purposes contact TUD
    • Beyond ORCA: available under agreement with TUD
  • Link to technical information: http://owl.ifn.et.tu-dresden.de/GFDM/