• Acronym: LBT
  • Short description: This IP core is capable of wideband, concurrent spectrum sensing on multi-channels, and trigger transmission on the vacant channels
  • Conceptual figure: high-level architecture of teh LBT module


  • Hardware platforms on which functionality is supported:
    • IP core, no limitation, ideally on Xilinx FPGA.
    • Tested on USRP X300 series and Xilinx Zynq platform (zc706+fmcomms2)
  • Testbeds where the functionality can be used:
    • w.iLab.t; IRIS; ORBIT
  • Supporting partner:
  • Usage policies for accessing software & licensing terms:
    The software for this functionality is owned by Imec and will be made available as open source software free of charge for Experiments in the context of the ORCA project at least until the end of the ORCA project (June 2020). For use of the software outside or beyond the ORCA project, please contact the software owner ([email protected]) and the coordinator of the ORCA project (Ingrid Moerman, [email protected]).
    Publications and demonstrations resulting from the use of this software should clearly mention the usage of this functionality and the owner, and refer to the H2020 ORCA Project, even if the publication or demonstration takes place after the end of ORCA project.
  • Link to technical information (to be enriched later): to access code, you need github account and contact imec.