ORCA will be present at this year’s EuCNC Online edition with a virtual presentation from partner National Instruments:

“Joint 5G-LTE-WiFi Prototyping Platform for RAT Interworking Experiments”
Walter Nitzold and Clemens Felber (National Instruments, Germany)

The coordination and coexistence of heterogeneous wireless technologies such as 5G, LTE and WiFi have become a growing area of research these days due to an increased number of connected devices and related communication requirements. This poster presents a prototyping system for joint real-time experimentation of LTE, WiFi and 5G systems with software defined radio hardware that involves real-time FPGA PHY implementations. This platform allows holistic experiments of these communication systems and related interworking functionalities that will lead to a better insight into trade-offs for using these radio access technologies jointly as it is foreseen in practical wireless network deployments.

Here below, the planned schedule for the presentation:
Tuesday, 16 June 2020, 12:15-14:30 CEST, Recommended re-viewing – Address to be defined soon
Tuesday, 16 June 2020, 12:15-17:00 CEST, Non-Live interaction (Chat) – Address to be defined soon

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