This page shows the scientific papers related to the ORCA project:

  • Joao F. Santos, Wei Liu, Xianjun Jiao, Natal. V. Neto, Sofie Pollin, Johann M. Marquez-Barja, Ingrid Moerman, and Luiz A. DaSilva, “Breaking Down Network Slicing: Hierarchical Orchestration of End-to-End Networks” (link will be available soon). Accepted for IEEE Communications Magazine, September 2020.
  • Seyed Ali Hassani, Barend van Liempd, Andre´ Bourdoux, Francois Horlin and Sofie Pollin, “Adaptive Filter Design for Simultaneous In-band Full-duplex Communication and Radar” (link will be available in mid-September 2020 due to Covid-19-related delays). Accepted for EuRAD 2020, May 2020.
  • Beiran Chen, Yi Zhang, George Iosifidis, and Mingming Liu, “Reinforcement Learning on Computational Resource Allocation of Cloud-based Wireless Networks” (link will be available soon). IEEE 6th World Forum on Internet of Things, New Orleans, USA, 05-09 Apr. 2020.
  • Martin Danneberg, Ahmad Nimr, Nicola Michailow, Shahab Ehsanfar, Maximilian Matthé, Ana-Belen Martinez, Dan Zhang and Gerhard Fettweis, “Universal Waveforms Processor“. EuCNC 2018, June 2018 Ljubljana.
  • Tarik Kazaz, Wei Liu, Xianjun Jiao, Ingrid Moerman, Francisco Paisana, Clemens Felber, Vincent Kotzsch, Ivan Seskar, Tom Vermeulen, Sofie Pollin, Martin Danneberg and Roberto Bomfin, “Orchestration and Reconfiguration Control“, EUCNC 2017. Oulu, Finland. June 2017.