In this page you can download the presentations done related to ORCA.

Title Author Event Date
Visionary seminar: When your life depends on the internet (PDF)

Steven Latré

mmWaves and up: beyond nomadic (PDF) Ingrid Moerman, Sofie Pollin NetFutures 2017 28/06/2017
Adaptive In-band Full-Duplex Collision Detection for Balancing Sensing and Collision Costs (PDF) Sofie Pollin EuCNC 2017 14/06/2017
ORCA: EuCNC 2017 a 5G Experimental Environment (PDF) Ingrid Moerman EuCNC 2017 13/06/2017
Radio softwarisation and virtualization (PDF) Ingrid Moerman Strategic Workshop 2017 30/05/2017
5G:Building a European Digital Society (PDF) Sofie Pollin QED Conference. Brussels 31/01/2017