In this page you can download the presentations related to ORCA that has been presented in different events.

Prototyping wireless systems with NI SDR and open source stacks (PDF)Clemens Felber2019 OpenAirInterface Workshop Beijing3-5/12/2019
From massive MIMO to distributed to mmWave hybrid MIMO on SDR (PDF)Sofie PollinNI SDR Roundtable 201914/11/2019
Tutorial – The Power of Software Defined Radio in Wireless Innovation (PDF)Ingrid MoermanDySPAN 201914/11/2019
From massive MIMO to distributed to mmWave hybrid MIMO on SDR (PDF)Achiel ColpaertDySPAN 201914/11/2019
AI-Enabled radios for dynamic spectrum sharing (PDF)Brecht VermeulenGEFI 201908/11/2019
Wireless Experimentation with SDR: The Way to Drive Innovation (PDF)Ingrid MoermanBWCCA-2019 & 3PGCIC-201907/11/2019
ORCA overview (PDF)Martin DannebergFOKUS FUSECO Forum 201907/10/2019
Prototyping LTE-WiFi Interworking on a Single SDR Platform (PDF)Walter Nitzold, Clemens Felber, Vincent KotzschGNU Radio Conference16-20/9/2019
Prototyping LTE-WiFi Interworking on a Single SDR Platform (PDF)Clemens FelberWorkshop on Next-Generation Wireless (WNGW) with ns-321/06/2019
Wireless experimentation with SDR: the way to drive innovation (PDF)Ingrid Moerman5th IEEE INFOCOM29/04/2019
Multi-Layer Prototyping: Hardware and Software (PDF)Ben CoffinCROWNCOM 201818/09/2018
Using deep leaning and radio virtualization (PDF)Wei LiuCROWNCOM 201820/09/2018
2nd Open Call for experiment (PDF)Ingrid MoermanCROWNCOM 201820/09/2018
Technical overview of the ORCA project (PDF)Sofie PollinCROWNCOM 201820/09/2018
Virtualization in Wireless Networks (PDF)Jonathan van de Belt, Yi ZhangCROWNCOM 201820/09/2018
Low latency communication in industry 4.0 (PDF)S. A. Hassani,CROWNCOM 201819/09/2018
Cellular Access Multi-Tenancy through Small-Cell Virtualization and Common RF Front-End Sharing (PDF)Jose Mendes, XianJun Jiao, Andres Garcia-Saavedra, Felipe Huici, Ingrid MoermanWiNTECH workshop of Mobicom 201720/10/2017
Visionary seminar: When your life depends on the internet (PDF)Steven LatréLeuven.inc04/10/2017
mmWaves and up: beyond nomadic (PDF)Ingrid Moerman, Sofie PollinNetFutures 201728/06/2017
Adaptive In-band Full-Duplex Collision Detection for Balancing Sensing and Collision Costs (PDF)Sofie PollinEuCNC 201714/06/2017
ORCA: EuCNC 2017 a 5G Experimental Environment (PDF)Ingrid MoermanEuCNC 201713/06/2017
Radio softwarisation and virtualization (PDF)Ingrid MoermanStrategic Workshop 201730/05/2017
5G:Building a European Digital Society (PDF)Sofie PollinQED Conference. Brussels31/01/2017