The Workshop on ns-3 is a one and one-half day workshop to be held on June 13-14, 2017 in Porto, Portugal, and hosted jointly by INESC TEC and Universidade do Porto. The objective of the workshop is to gather ns-3 users and developers, together with networking simulation practitioners and users, and developers of other network simulation tools, to discuss the ns-3 simulator and related activities.

The ORCA partner National Instruments (NI) will present a system which combines an open-source LTE stack and core network in network simulator ns-3, with an FPGA-based real-time implementation of LTE Layer 1 using the NI LTE Application Framework (white paper link here).

The resulting platform is a building block for testbeds which assist the design of 5G radio interface and network architecture. It facilitates the prototyping of end-to-end applications, that include the functionality of all layers of a wireless communication system, in real-time and over-the-air environments.

The platform is envisioned to be used in ORCA .

Abstract of the presentation (PDF)

More information about the ns-3 workshop here.