ORCA will be presented at GLOBECOM, in Singapore, on Thursday 7th December at 16:00

5G NR standardization has been proceeding in 3GPP with the goal to complete the work on phase 1 by mid-2018 and phase 2 by end of 2019. New access technologies like Massive MIMO, mmWave and a flexible, scalable PHY numerology and frame structure are important elements in 5G NR. The L2/L3 stack is being enhanced to meet the high throughput and low latency requirements in the target usage scenarios. In addition, new architectures and concepts are being discussed such as functional split and network slicing with the goal to enable a more flexible software defined architecture. Enhancements in RAT interworking also plays a central role with improved interfacing options between legacy and future access technologies enabling, for example, tight interworking with LTE leading to faster initial deployments. This panel brings together internationally recognized leaders in industry and academic research and development. The goal of this panel is to gain insight into how the rich set of existing and new technologies can jointly be used for efficient 5G wireless network design. The panel will also discuss how prototyping results can contribute to the design and standardization process by improving the confidence that new technology proposals can be commercialized.


Vincent Kotzsch (National Instruments)
Amal Ekbal (National Instruments)


Wanshi Chen (Qualcomm)
Luiz da Silva (Trinity Colleage Dublin)
Slawomir Pietrzyk (IS Wireless)
Peter Rost (Nokia)
Emilio Calvanese Strinati (CEA/LETI)