Deliverable 2.2 describing the technical requirements of the ORCA test facility has been released to the public. This deliverable explains the ORCA network architecture, and how the ORCA design approach enables the exploration of novel wireless functionality using various hardware and network configurations.

The work done in the deliverable shows that there is the need for more hardware accelerated advanced physical layer prototyping on software-defined radio (SDR). In addition, when testing those novel physical layers, and combining them with concepts such as network slicing, the need for an enhanced SDR control plane for network slicing also on SDR, one of the goals of the ORCA project, becomes evident.

Given the span of the ORCA architecture and overarching aim, this deliverable further contains an overview of the concrete ORCA offer, i.e., how ORCA will advance the SDR state of the art.

The ORCA offer can be seen as the list of technical requirements of the ORCA facility as a whole, as each offer is selected as an answer to a specific need or requirement.

Read the full deliverable here