ORCA Second Engagement Workshop at Fed4FIRE Engineering Conference (FEC), 13-15 March 2018 in Paris, France.

The ORCA project: bridging SDR and SDN – Ivan Seskar (Rutgers University)

The ORCA project offer mature, real-time and versatile SDR platforms in advanced FED4FIRE compliant wireless test facilities. In order to establish end-to-end connectivity with true QoS guarantees coping with extreme (ultra-low latency, ultra-high throughput, ultra-high reliability) and diverging (low AND high data rate, time-critical AND non-time critical) communication needs in different vertical markets, ORCA offers a control plane allowing more efficient allocation of spectral resources for services that share the same wireless infrastructure and/or spectral bands. This talk will discuss how SDN can benefit from advanced SDR functionality for end-to-end slicing.

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