bannerDuring the 16th edition of the ACM international Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications and Services (MobiSys), Ingrid Moerman has presented the ORCA vision on end-to-end design of networked SDR systems thereby highlighting the differences between current SDN approaches and SDR capabilities. One of the targets of ORCA is to encourage SDR and SDN communities to join forces through joint experimentation by giving access to advanced software platforms, that support realistic end-to-end scenarios (beyond PHY, beyond single link) and that offer hardware performance (through hardware acceleration) with software control (through reconfigurability and reprogrammability capabilities).

Inspired by DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge, where two ORCA partners are participating as Team SCATTER, also some thoughts were shared how to improve spectrum spectrum usage by adding distributed intelligent control and some suggestions were made to rethink the role of standardisation from fragmented single technology evolutions towards common coordination mechanisms across technologies.

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