ORCA is showcasing both multi-RAT and low-latency SDR technology at the NI booth in Globecom, Abu Dhabi (9-13 December 2018)
We also had an early panel about large scale testbeds, and it is clear that ORCA SDR technology is fit for the future.

Our colleague Luiz da Silva was a panellist in the Industry Panel ‘5G Network Slice Management’ at IEEE Globecom. He spoke about our vision for slicing and disseminated the ORCA white paper and work. His presentation is available here (PDF).

Finally, our colleague Sofie Pollin was also a panel member at the Industry Panel ‘Large Scale Wireless Testbeds – Scaling the Experiment‘ . She says that SDR is ready for scaling, thanks to ORCA. Next step: exploit the flexibility and allow experimenting with real end users. Her presentation is available here (PDF)