ORCA was very active during the 12th EAI International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks (CROWNCOM 2017 – 20,21 September. Lisbon, Portugal)

orcacrowncomIngrid Moerman, coordinator of the ORCA project, has presented the project and has officially launched ORCA’s fist Open Call for Extensions in the Workshop”H2020 FIRE+ on Radio Access Experimentation”, moderated by Jorge Pereira.
This first Open Call seeks for experts to extend the ORCA facility with missing functionality. The 4 topics for extensions (End-to-end slicing support for SDR and SDN, LBT functionality on FPGA as an IP core, RAT interworking on NS-3 based SDR Prototyping Platform, and Digital self-interference cancellation for in-Band Full Duplex) have been unfolded during the workshop.

You can download Ingrid’s presentation here (PDF)


orcacrowncomAn ORCA paper “Radio hardware virtualization for coping with dynamic heterogeneous wireless environments” has also been presented in Network Management Track of CROWNCOM 2017 by Xianjun Jiao, and the corresponding demo was shown in the two-day demo session. Lots of questions and visitors came after presentation and during demo.
The concept of Radio Hardware virtualization is spread out. With the multiple virtual radio receivers in the demo, live wireless traffic in the meeting was shown, even the network behaviour change of co-located WiSHFUL demo is also captured precisely.