ORCA rocks behind the scene! The wireless link connecting the two arms of the Vodafone robot demonstrator uses technologies developed by the eWINE and the ORCA project. In the video below, one robot arm is manually controlled, whereas the second arm is connected via a low latency link, ready to copy any movement. During the event, the visitor can experience the seamless remote operation of the second arm. The goal is to grasp different cubes and puzzle them together.

The demonstrator presented for the first time at the CEBIT 2018 will also be on display during several events. Start is in Berlin at the “Nationales 5G-Symposium” on 11th to 13th of September. The 5G Summit in Dresden follows afterwards on the 25th.

In addition, interested researchers are also welcomed to learn more about the technology during the 5G Lab Summer School happening in Dresden from 19th until 25th of September.