ORCA_oPENCALLThe first ORCA Open Call for extension will be announced at CROWNCOM 2017, running from the 20th of September  in Lisbon, Portugal.

During the lifetime of the project, ORCA will distribute 1.7M € organizing several rounds of Open Calls to attract researchers from the wireless community and wireless innovation creators. Two main types of Open calls are planned: Open Calls for Extension and Open calls for Experimentation.

Through the call for extension, ORCA plans to extend the ORCA test facilities with missing functionality, while the call for experimentation will attract experimenters for validating advanced CR solutions using the ORCA testbed. The Open Call that will be announced in Lisbon is for extension and will be opened by the end of September 2017.

With this call, ORCA will extend the SDN architecture by adding a higher degree of flexibility within various network stacks to interact with the radio. The specifics for this Open Call will be published soon.

Stay tuned and see you at CROWNCOM 2017!