SDR talk to commercial devices

ORCA offers open SDR platforms that can interoperate with commercial off-the-shelf devices (IEEE 802.11, IEEE 802.15.4, LTE/5G) allowing easy configuration, customization and prototyping


Multiple radio instances on a single SDR for free

A single SDR platform can support multiple radio instances, boosting the capacity and performance of wireless networks, e.g. multi-channel IEEE 802.15.4 IoT gateway and multi-tenant LTE infrastructure sharing

Real-time experimentation with SDR as easy as simulations

Incorporating real hardware into simulation environments increases the credibility of results and shortens the product development cycle.

Flexible low-latency MAC-PHY architecture

Scales from standard compliant to latency-enhanced operation using various PHY and low-level MAC SDR-enablers benchmarked in realistic environments

Full-duplex capable SDRs for high-throughput networking experimentation

A complete PHY and MAC protocol stack allows verifying real latency, reliability and throughput benefits of full duplex technology

5G mmWave system at 26 GHz with compact multi-beam antenna array

First affordable and compact 26 GHz extension for widely used SDR platforms using plug and play converter-array

A hierarchical orchestration of E2E network slices through SDR-SDN integration

The establishment of end-to-end network slices for addressing the needs of verticals requires a technology-neutral solution for the orchestration of resources across multiple wireless and wired network segments.

Distributed massive MIMO experimentation opportunities, with simultaneous transmissions upto 12 single antenna users

Flexible modular testbed with 2 processing racks that can be separated up to 30m and 64 single-antenna patch elements that can be separated up to 18m from a rack. Serving 12 users simultaneously.

Flexible Hybrid Massive MIMO experimentation combining a phased array convertor with digital Massive MIMO testbed functionalitie

The 16-input power phased array can be connected to the Massive MIMO testbed to allow for fast tracking or hybrid beamforming experiments.


Best Demo Award at IEEE MASS Conference 2019

In conjunction with the Open Call 2 for Extensions, Carlos Pupiales Yépez and Ilker Demirkol from Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain) implemented Interfaces for 5G and LTE interworking into Open Air Interface together with Clemens Felber and Walter Nitzold from National Instruments. The outcome of this extension was presented at IEEE MASS Conference 2019 in […]

6th (out of 10) in the finale of the DARPA

Team SCATTER, with researchers from ORCA’s partners imec and Rutgers University ended 6th (out of 10) in the finale of the DARPA Spectrum Collaboration Challenge. We are very proud about our team and we have developed a very collaborative intelligent radio system, with excellent features in terms of spectrum efficiency and QoS support (respecting max. […]

ORCA Open call experimenter at the National Wireless Expo

Our open call experimenter *protected email* presented ORCA at The National Wireless Expo on the 23rd of October with the presentation: 5G and NGN networks: big opportunities for small operators. The presentation gives some hints to small operators on the latest technologies and how those innovations can enable new opportunities also for small operators (ps, small is relative to big […]

ORCA demos at the 5G Summit and 5G Worldforum

The central element of the overall demo is a base station with an attached cloud computing platform. This base station is mounted inside a bicycle rickshaw for quick deployments and tests in industrial or outdoor scenarios. In the demo all 5 devices/clients are controlled by this base station. One pair of devices belong to the […]